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     Tinkering with computers all his life starting out with the Apple 2’s in Jr. High figuring out how to write code, and was an enthusiast reading every book he could about computer repair (Before Google or YouTube even existed). Never even considering working on computers for a living till he worked on some significant projects in 2001.

● Was a Chemical Engineer with a DuPont sister company called Hardcore Composites formerly located in New Castle, DE. working on research and development projects... he helped improve and maintain a logistics database till the company shut down in 2001.

● Worked with a Hewlett Packard contractor in Richmond, VA. upgrading hardware to be compatible with Windows XP. (2001)

● Recovered 100% of the Data from the main server where there was a hard drive failure for General Electric located in Fredericksburg, VA. Apparently …at the time, no shop in the area was doing data recovery. (2001)

● In 2005, Larry was the go-to computer guy when working at Phillip Morris (Park 500). So he started the computer repair company L.S. Computer Systems. It began as a part-time venture that became full time in 2015.


Larry The Computer Guy

​With over 16 years experience as an enthusiast and professional
PC technician...

I did an article with 12 On Your Side back in April of 2017. At the time, the area was having a dramatic increase of the Microsoft Technician scam calls, and the can you hear me calls.  I even ran across an ad posted on Craigslist advertising hacking services. You can read the complete article HERE ...